Ren Sayer | Copywriter

A few words from my clients…

“I was impressed with how efficiently and professionally Ren interviewed me to get the information he required. I was then further impressed with how bang-on his writing was when he summarized our core company values and product offerings. Even as I write this review, I found myself wishing that I could use his services to write it for me!” - Mark Andrew, Managing Director Tunnicliffe’s

“We needed help with a sales landing page for our sleep product. Ren took the brief, listened to the information videos and came up with some excellent copy that we are now implementing into our sales funnel. Very happy with his work and will hire again.” - Alister Gates, Digital Manager AKTIVE

“Ren was briefed to write a blog article for our website linking mindfulness and our CBD oil product. We didn’t give him a lot to go on to start with. The results was a well researched and effectively structured document that hit all the keywords, made sense, offered the readers some ideas and mentioned our key points. We are very happy with the result and look forward to working with Ren again soon.” - Dr Waseem Mann,

"I hired Ren to write a couple of web pages for one of my clients. I enjoyed working with him and was very impressed with his work. Highly recommended." - Bertie Brandt, Funnel Web Marketing

“Thanks to Ren's deep understanding of kendo and Japanese culture, he was able to create an excellent flyer that we've been using to sell our beginners course. He's easy to work with and delivers work on time. Highly recommended.” - Ken Wells, Vice-President New Zealand Kendo Federation

“I was really happy with Ren’s first job, so I asked him to do a second task and write a 7 part series of email follow-ups for clients who sign up to our sales letter. Ren researched the topic exceptionally well, wrote out the emails in a logical sequence and delivered the whole lot on time. Super happy again and would highly recommend him.” - Alister Gates, Digital Manager AKTIVE

If you’re interested in seeing some examples of my work then please contact me directly.